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Shadow Hat Man

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We all have those moments of self doubt. A moment when sound pessimism floods through our veins and we ask ourselves, "Did I really just see a ghost? Is that even possible?" And during that moment, we come to the realization that no sound, scientific principle can explain the visual, still lingering in the back of our mind; its impression, still imposed on our retina. We close our eyes and can still see it. Proof to only ourselves.

I experienced such an event last Saturday night, while working on my book. Seated comfortably in my easy chair with my tattered, papyrus notebook, fountain pen and glass of scotch on the rocks, I saw it. A blacker-than-black etherial, smokey mass, wavering in the doorway of my office. I caught it in my right peripheral vision, and when I turned to look, it vanished.

It seemed to be an outlined figure of a cloaked man with a 1930's fedora. Although I could make out no facial details, I could sense malevolence. Even after it vanished, the pressing feeling of despair and foreboding remained for the rest of the night.

According to Wikipedia's page about shadow people, they may be creatures from another reality whose "dimension" occasionally overlaps with ours, allowing them to be partially visible, or that they represent creatures that exist on a separate plane of existence.

Have you ever experience a shadow figure? Do you have an opinion of theory about shadow people? Please post a comment and share.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its the first time I've heard about the "Hat Man" but I've seen him for a while. Because I have "problems" I thought it was just my mind pulling tricks. I told my mom she said it was just something I would have to forget about, but I still saw him. One time I even tried to talk to him because. I have a problem with death and shadow people. I cant talk to the dead or shadows but i feel them like a great sense. I keep seeing him sometimes at night in my room just looking at me, at first i would stay wake not scared, but just on my toes, but now i sleep. I think he's a protector.

November 4, 2010 at 4:42 PM  

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